Finally back with Good News

Mes Amis,

You have been missed to say the very least. I had a series of health problems and life calamity which for a while forced a pause in my writing on this blog. This potent mix of health issues and calamity brought on a depressive episode, but  It has passed and I feel like I have my life returned to me. There is  much to talk about and much to say finally after so long of a forced silence but first


Good News

Congratulation to both Dr. Toussulis and Dr Stewart Bitkoff for being name finalist in the Book Of the Year Religion Category. I have benefited from the works of these two gentleman personally and am really happy to see their work get the acknowledgement it deserves!!!

I still have 3 copies left of Dr Bitkoff’s book for anyone of you who would like to read it !!!

I have the momumental task of answering and replying to all your comments  in the next few days. Stay Tuned!!!!


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