The Great Unspoken Tragedy of the Present Time with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“The secret that nobody is saying is that the ecological crisis is founded upon a very deep spiritual crisis in creation. It comes from a very foundational attitude that we have in our culture towards creation.”

Excerpted from the talk Spiritual Ecology given at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA on December 3, 2011. DVD with complete talk available soon.

Text of Transcript

The Great Unspoken Tragedy of the Present Time with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Bolivian Ecological Disaster

There is an ecological devastation and that is very visible… We read the newspaper and it is accelerating it is getting worse. Just earlier this year we read that the species in the oceans are depleting at a much faster rate than anybody had realized. It’s accelerating it’s getting worse, it is the most visible trajedy in our time is is ina  awy the one thign that really matters much more than economic crisis or political crises or whatever it is, is ecological devastation that is what we are going to leave our children and grand children. And the spiritual side of that is in a way even more devastating because it means that life will have no purpose if the sacred within creation goes out, if that sacred substance in creation that we were asked to nourish we were asked to care for with our prayers our devotions our practices we have yet to nouriosh have yet to make a relationship with if that goes out the and life has no meaning. There is no purpose for being here from a spiritual  perspective becsuse nothign in life cna nouriosh us nothing in life cna nourish us we will become hungry Ghost and this to me is the greatest tragedy of modern time

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