Eckhart Tolle: The Wisdom of Sufism

The Sufi masters all point to that most essential place within you and their teaching although it came out of Islam it transcends as every true, deep spiritual teaching does, it transcends the forms out of which it comes. In the same way that for example Zen although it comes out of Buddhism it transcends Buddhism.In the same way that the great christian mystics of the Middle ages transcended the narrow form of christianisty and of course very often they were persecuted for that by orthodox christians, In the same way that the sufi were some of them were persecuted and killed by orthodox Muslims and still are.

Nowadays especially when we speak of Islam we think of it as a or many people think of it as an intolerant religion but any religion can be turned into that and if you look back to the Middle Ages you will see that Islam was far more tolerant at that time than Christianity and Islam at that time had a far more highly developed civilization than the Christian civilization of Europe, of central Europe, islam was in southern Europe also.

So today I’d like to go with you as deeply as possible into the heart of the Sufi teaching or use the sufi teachings as a device to access that place within yourself.

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