How we, myself included, like to fool ourselves (2) A Readers responce

Hello Friends,

from time to time I like to share some thing with you all. Personal anecdotes from my life. Lessons from the path and other things. In part to keep myself honest and also secondly to present  some aspects of the path that is not talked about much. I think there is a lot of misconception about the paths. At most I can do is share my own with you and my own mistakes. I was taught that no man|woman can call himself/Herself and honest person in front of God. I think by extension it would be impossible to do so in front of His creation.

I talked in my last post about this person who exacerbates me to no end. So far in my life I have met two people on separate ocassions who irritate the hell out of me. It seems like these persons were created with the soul purpose  of aggravating me, and they are both ironically from the same city in North America, makes me wonder about the water from that city.

A reader was kind enough to leave this responce:

Here is a great poem I came across concerning the Path and how everything comes from the Divine:
I asked for strength and was given difficulties to make me stronger
I asked for wisdom and was given problems to learn how to solve them
I asked for courage and was given fears to overcome them
I asked for love and was given people with difficulties to help them

Our main task on the Path is to polish our hearts. Like other surfaces you polish something by rubbing something coarse over it. When life hurts your heart becomes more smooth and shinier. The person that agitates you is maybe part of the Divine and you have encountered him on your Path for a reason. 

This statement really brought it back to basics for me. Thank you Dranzato !!!

I got another statement from a reader simply called KBella

This is a courage ;to confess the inner toil of longings. Thank you for this conference. Reminding me of the conference of the birds.


My door swept empty, His door He sweeps .
My humanity,His glory.

His Ocean holds me,with spirals on shore He returns thee.

( who is nearer the shore?)
We are all beginners of course!

His limitless Love.

Que Bella – how beautiful indeed.

I think as the internet becomes more and more pervasive it will be clear that we were never bounded by space and time, words spoken and poems written 800 years ago are just as valid now in out talking across cultures. Its beautiful to see and to also benefit for everyone out there’s comments and wisdom.

Thanks again to everyone


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