A Reader Prays for me to burn in Hell

I have been fortunate in that I have not received too many negative comments on the blog. But today I received the following comment from someone called simply ‘no important’ to my posting Another excerpt from Dogs from a Sufi point of View by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

Subhana Allah!
What kind of religion do you follow? instead of learning from the prophets & the companions, you learn from dogs!!! sooooo easy to refute & make fun of sufism.
I ask Allah to burn the deviants harshly.

Though it would seem I must be doing something right on the path if I am starting to incur the wrath and prayers of the closeminded. I feel it’s a bit sad. This quote reminds of a story of a family living in abject poverty while the children play with priceless diamonds and rubies, not know the value of what they possess.


What security is there for us here in her caravanserai
when every moment camel bells cry, “Pack up the loads!”?

The dark night, the fear of waves, the terrifying whirlpool,
how can they know of our state, those who go lightly along the shore?

In the end, my life has drawn me from self-concern to ill-repute.
How long can the secret of our assemblies stay hidden?

Hafiz, if you desire her presence, pay attention.
When you find the one you seek, abandon the world and let it go..

5 responses to “A Reader Prays for me to burn in Hell

  1. The whole universe and all that is contained in it
    is glorifying its creator,dedicated relentlessly to the
    purpose of its creation and demonstrating total
    surrender and submission to the Master, the Almighty.
    Everything in the universe is a sign to learn from, for all
    those who wish to be guided by His will.

    42:29 (Asad) And among His signs is the [very] creation of
    the heavens and the earth, and of all the living creatures
    which He has caused to multiply throughout them: [33]
    and [since He has created them,] He has [also] the power
    to gather them [unto Him­self] whenever He wills.

    3:191 (Asad) [and] who remember God when they stand,
    and when they sit, and when they lie down to sleep, [146]
    and [thus] reflect on the creation of the heavens and the
    earth: “O our Sustainer! Thou hast not created [aught of]
    this without meaning and purpose. [147] Limitless art Thou
    in Thy glory! Keep us safe, then, from suffering through fire!

  2. the saddest thing is the state of that person’s soul. Here you are, wonderful, truthful, peaceful… and they are filled with hate and prejudice. Although my religion is different from yours, I see the virtues as fundamentally the same, and I love the inspiring and wise posts you are kind enough to share. I hope you will always feel free to share as you have been.

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