To those who lay claims to love by Muzaffer Ozak

Now to those who lay claim to love I address these questions:

  1. How often have you wiped away the tears of a lover weeping for love of God
  2. Have you yourself  ever shed a single tear for love of God?
  3. What sacrifices have you made for the love of God?

One could add many more questions, but  to what avail? A word to the wise is sufficient. So I remind you once again

Those who find God within themselves do not search for the Beloved to the Right or left. Those who seek God outside should know that His irresistible force prevails in worlds upon worlds unknown from this earth to the Pleides, and that He is not outside but within the soul, the Soul within the soul. Neither Heaven or Earth contains him, yet He is at home within the heart of His faithful, sincere and loving servant.

-Taken from Muzaffer Ozak‘s The Unveiling of Love: Sufism and the Remembrance of God


Muzaffer Ozak (1916 – February 12, 1985) was one of the head sheikhs of the HalvetiJerrahi order of Dervishes, a traditional muslim Sufi order (tarika) from Istanbul (Turkey). In western countries he is well known because of his visits to Europe and the United States of America where he celebrated public dhikrs (Remembrance of God; in Turkish “zikrullah”) with his dervishes. He is also well known in Turkey for his “ilahis,” religious Sufi hymns. The Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi Order is named for him. Ozak also ran a bookstore in the Sahaflar Çarşısı in Istanbul.

One response to “To those who lay claims to love by Muzaffer Ozak

  1. selamu aleykum … please be so kind as to make a small correction in your brief bio of muzaffer efendi. the founder and pir of the jerrahi tariqat is hz pir mohammed nureddin al jerahhi whose tomb is at the tekke of the order in fatih karagumruk. i am sure efendi would appreciate that change. his successors at the head of the order have been sheikh Sefer efendi and the current sheikh Tugrul efendi. i hope you all don’t mind my asking. thank you for your kind guide to the way.

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