Quotes from Sufi Masters on Darvishes

Hello Friends I thought it would be nice to quote what some past sufi Masters have said about darvishes


God Guides the affairs of the darvish athirst for God, while one athirst for what is other than God is diverted in aspiration towards ungodly things; such a one goes astray in ignorance and perversion. He is but the image of a darvish; he is not of the soul’s family. Do not toss a bone to the portrait of a dog! Poverty he does possess, for sure, poverty for food, not poverty for the Truth. Place your platters less before these lifeless images of men. The bread darvish is but a landfish, a mere fish shape which has fled the sea. Just a household bird, not a celestial Simurgh; preoccupied with his stomach, not occupied with God. For the sake of a morsel he may love God, but he is not in the soul a lover of the beautiful and the Sublime

From Rumi‘s Masnavi I: vv.2752-56


“How is it ,” Abu Said was asked, “That God can be seen, yet not the darvish?” He answered, “It is because God exists, and existence can be seen. The darvish, however, does not exist and non-existence is invisible.

– Asrar at-tauhid


No darvish exist in the world or, if he exists, is not a darvish. His essence, indeed subsists in Divinity for all eternity, but his personality has perished in the Ipseity of the Almighty. Like a candle’s flame in the presences of the sun, it exists, but  by all formal reckoning, it is not. It exists in essence, in that it burns cotton on contact, but in the glare of the sun it is not. The candle exists but without giving light , for it is annihilated in the sunlight.

Rumi masnavi III, 3669-73


To be a darvish means to be a lump of sifted earth with a little water sprinkled on top, neither hurting the soles of the feet nor scattering a trail of dust behind

–  Resa’il Khwaja ‘Abdo’llah Ansari


A band of ruffians fell out with a darvish, insulting him then striking and wounding him. The darvish went to the Master of his Order complaining about the mishap. His master answered: The Mantle of the darvish my son is the garment of resignation. Whoever wears their costume and yet cannot tolerate having his desires frustrated is merely a pretender and his mantle is  forbidden to him.

Small stones cannot darken
the vast seething sea

The gnostic affronted, offended by something
is only a shallow brook

Sa’adi , Golestan-e

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