Some quotes from the Maqalat of Shams Tabriz

If a person claims that he really loves someone, evidence is asked from him. And that evidence is the giving away of possessions, the granting of favors. Just as when Mevlana claimed that he loved me, when I came he granted me thousands of favors and protected me. I regard these all as a grace from God.


What is a Shaikh? Being. What is a disciple? Isn’t he only non-being? As a matter of fact, a disciple cannot be a disciple unless he becomes nothing.


There is no doubt that there is a purpose and reason in the createion of this universe. There is someone for whom the inside and outside of this palace have been furnished. Whatever exists is in service to him. Everything is for him. The building of this universe was created for him; he was not created for its sake. It is just like when a rich person has a rich guest – he has a beautiful kiosk built in his honor and furnishes it for him.


“I am burning up with this pain, I cant stand it,” they say

God says, “it is this for which I am holding on to you”

And the dervish is saying: “Oord! I am buring up – what do you want of this servant of yours?”

“This burning of yours.”

It is like the story of the breaking of the pearl – the lover asks is beloved, “Why did you break the pearl?” The beloved answers, “I broke the pearl so that you might ask me about it.”

The secret wisdom of this is that the Sea of Compassion wants to rise and overflow. And the cause of that is your yearning, weeping and crying out. If the clouds of your anguish don’t arise, The Sea of the divine mercy and knowledge doesn’t surge forth.

Does a mother nurse her baby, tell me
unless from hunger the baby cries?

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