Sitting with Fatima (5) – Forty Days: The Diary of a Traditional Solitary Sufi Retreat

During her days of confinement, Michaela experienced many different emotions. Many days she would find herself crying, either from happiness or from sorrow, or from both.

Around the tenth day, Michaela suddenly found herself in love with the Prophet (pbuh). She had never completely understood the command in Islam to love the Prophet (pbuh). She could understand respecting him and admiring him and that we were extremely blessed indeed to have him among us, but she had never understood what it was to love him. It brought her to tears of joy, but then later she was brought to tear of despair that would not leave her.

The next day she felt the same feeling of love for the Prophet (pbuh) and understood more fully the love she had to him. This was a major outcome of her halvet and she was very grateful for this awareness.

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