Check Out My friend Jesse’s Blog

Hey Friends

I have this friend named Jesse, big surprise from the title right. We spend about 50% of our time  together insulting each other of which I of course get the better of the exchanges. That just how we roll. He just started  a blog and its growing slowly. Check him out . Tell him Dave sent ya. For everyone of you who say hi on his blog he will contribute $0.25  towards buying me a lunch he owes me.


6 responses to “Check Out My friend Jesse’s Blog

  1. News flash for all of you he only has one good joke. He says it all the time. I Will let him slide because he offers good advice when he doesn’t trip on his ego.
    Thanks Dave for helping with broadcasting my blog page. As per your lunch request I will need alot of viewers I never seen anyone eat that much. HAHA! Be well and thanks again.

  2. Jesse , after all those times I schooled you, you still come back for more? Just stay down and i wont have to keep putting you down lol. You know as a darvish m actions mirrors yours. If I eat a lot when we hang its jsut so you dont feel bad about urself lol

  3. Great conversation and bit of biffo.(fighting in Oz and NZ) It makes a difference now knowing the previous post was questions from an old friend. who I totally agree with btw. LOL The ocean is full of sharks, how do we know the Master isn’t shonky? We don’t, we fall in love and risk our heads and our hearts and find out later. Risky? Yep. Do you not fall in love in case you’ll get hurt?

  4. Remind me next time i go to Barnes and noble to buy you ajoke book for 2 reasons 1. to give you more material and 2. so you can lean to tell your one joke right HaHaHa!

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