Mirabai: The Voice of a Female Mystic (1)

Hey Friends

I have been really moved by the poems of Mirabai lately. Let me share some with you tonight. Here is a brief blurb on Mirabai. Check back often to see the other parts in this series


Mirabai is one of India‘s most beloved poet-saints. Her devotional poetry — directed toward Giridhara, a form of the great God-man Krishna — is so intensely personal that it borders on the erotic while, at the same time, it remains transcendentally spiritual. Mirabai was born into a noble Rajput family in Northern India. She was married to the crown prince of Mewar, but she made it clear that her love was for Giridhara alone. Many of the tales of Mirabai’s life focus on her struggles with her husband’s royal family. They apparently did not approve of her constant devotion to God to the neglect of her husband and family. And her preference for the company of wandering holy men was not considered proper for a princess. These conflicts grew to such a point that it is said they attempted to kill her, once with a deadly snake, another time by poison, but she was miraculously saved both times. When her husband died, Mirabai refused to throw herself on his funeral pyre and eventually took up the life of a wandering mendicant and poet, immersing herself in her love for God alone.–


God has
a special interest in women
for they can lift this world to their breast
and help Him


you to have

all the beauty in my eyes, and the grace of my mouth,
all the splendor of my

all the
wonder of the musk parts
of my

for are we
not talking about real love, real


One night as I walked in the desert
the mountains rode on my

and the sky became my heart,
and the earth – my own body, I explored.

Every object began to wink at me, and Mira wisely
calculated the situation, thinking:
My charms must be at their height

now would be a good time to
rush into His

maybe He won’t drop me
so quick.


Here is another post on Mirabai: https://caravanofdreams.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/mirabai-the-voice-of-a-female-mystic-2/


6 responses to “Mirabai: The Voice of a Female Mystic (1)

  1. This is my ist visit, and assuredly it wont be the last.In my desert trail ,found i acompanion atlast.

  2. Attention: Ministry of Planning and Plan implementation, GOSL
    Date: Saturday, 24th July 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Re. The rhythms from Meerabhai for
    Planning and Plan implementation

    The rhythms to be grasped from the teachings of Meerabhai take us back to the rhythms of Bengal for planning. The beautiful Meerabhai is akin to the range of capcities and potential in terms of her pursuits, skills and growth.

    The practices related to her skills seem to be diverse and so was organization @ the given times to relate to her capacities and capabilities in the context of time.

    To Meerabhai. God bless you all.
    Kalaranji Maheswaran
    Freelance Research and Development for systems and its organization

  3. It is funny but I was just navegating in the internet and found this. I thought it was about the story of the Mirabal sisters who were 3 martyrs of a terrible dominican dictator: General Leonidas Trujillo in the 50´s. They gave their lives for the freedom of thoughts and expression. They happen to be my family. It is amazing how that princess had almost their names: Mirabai. Perhaps that´s the origin of my name.

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