Kool Aid and An Excerpt from the Introduction to Mystics at Prayer by Many Chilar (1)




Lately I have been hearing a lot about prayer and also been asked questions about prayer, which kind of boggles my mind. My knowledge run the gamit of old episodes of the Ghostbuster’s cartoon and Kool aid. I figured I would put this information for all of you who are interested.  Before gettinginto that youmay want to enjoy a tall refreshing class of Kool Aid. The chemical  taste and the 100% Vitamin C covers up for the total lack of good nutritional content.

An examination of the prayers which appear on the following pages reveals the fact that the great mystics of all ages understood the real process of prayer and knew how to pray.

Rio%20de%20Janeiro%20from%20The%20ChristChristians have the beautiful examples of the prayers given to them by Jesus the Christ as a standard  and it is a most beautiful standard but long before the Christian era the mystics the avatars and those through whom the light of god shone among men knew by divine inspiration how to prayer. Examples of their prayers contained in these pages prove this fact.

The Mystic and those who were touched with the light of cosmic consciousness had a very definite understanding of the process of prayer in the western world today millions of person have digressed very greatly from these processes and making their prayers long and filled with personal petitions are often disappointed with the seeming lack of efficacy in their prayers or the inefficacity of praying. . It may be permissible therefore briefly to outline and or review true processes of prayer as understood by the mystics.

sistineGodAccording to the mystical viewpoint praying to God is based upon the conviction that God is omnipotent in Power, present everywhere and willing to listen to our sincere petitions. This is all that we should have in mind praying. The average person in praying however has in mind some assumptions which mislead him in wording his prayers and in approaching the very attitude of prayer. He assumes that God is not only omnipotent in power omnipresent and merciful but that with all of His power, all of His intelligence with all of his mastership and control throughout the world and with all His attunement with the beings which he created He is nevertheless ignorant of our wants and needs and completely unacquainted with what we require in life in order to live abundantly and secure our everyday necessities. Very often, he prayerful petitioner also assumes that God has given no thought to the outcome of certain contests in life or struggles between various factions of human beings, and is incapable of justly deciding such contests or awarding victory to the right side. These false assumptions are responsible for the mistake that are made in prayer and for the failure of prayers to be highly efficacious.

To go into prayer with the idea that God does not know what we need or even what we want, or what is best for us and that we must advise Him, argue with Him, stress our viewpoint and convince Him, to adopt our ideas and decisions and grant what we ask for, is to make the most serious mistake in the process of praying.

1121570538mystical%20communionIn the first place, the process of prayer is a transcendent method of communion with God. It is the most intimate, personal contact that human beings can make with their Father the creator of all beings. This sublime period of communion should be approached with clean thoughts, but most of all with a clear understanding of our privileges and total absence of any feeling that we have a right to petition God to grant our wishes.


gold-cloudThe Mystics know, also that true prayer is based upon a Cosmic and Spiritual Law. That law is this: “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” The ancient mystical injunction was that you must ask in order to receive, that you must proffer your hand in order to have the token given unto you, that you must express your desire before it will be answered. In all mystical processes, the expression of a sincere wish or desire, opens wide the doorway to the reception of spiritual blessing. The asking in sincerity and the reverential expression of such wishes attunes the person with the one who has the power to give and, unless there is a meeting of the minds and a meeting of the consciousness of both persons, there can neither be attunement nor the passing from one to the other of the spiritual thing desired. To the Mystic, therefore prayer is a meeting of the minds. It is not an occasion for personal petitioning, but for spiritual communion. It is time when the soul within us and the deepest and most inner parts of being sacredly, sincerely, an quietly speak to God and express the deepest wishes of our hearts and minds. The belief therefore that, our human conception of our needs must be outlined in the minutest detail and expressed in great elaboration is also a misconception since the thoughts moving us to prayer are easily transmitted to the divine consciousness during the communion, and the lips need only speak the fewest words of appreciation and thankfulness.

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