An anecdote about the afronts and Difficulties of Life

Hey Friends,


I was just thinking out loud. A lot of times we go through life and sometimes wonder why we are besieged with such problems. In light of the many interesting directions I have to really feel that the culprit is really the shortsightedness of the human sight. Many a time the mind as powerful as it is cannot see what is in front of it for what it really is. With that said of course what really matters is not really how we think something affects us positively or negatively, but on what scale can we apperceive the working of what’s going on in front of us.


An anecdote that always helps to put my mind right, about a lot of the events in my life is the following taking from The Way of the Sufi, by Idries Shah. Enjoy!









One day a man came to the great teacher Bahaudin.

He asked for help in his problems, and guidance on the path of the Teaching.

Bahaudin told him to abandon spiritual studies, and to leave his court at once.

A kind hearted visitor began to remonstrate with Bahaudin.

“You shall have a demonstration.” said the sage.


At that moment a bird flew into the room, darting hither nad thither, not knowing where to go in order to escape. The Sufi waited until the bird settled near the only opened window of the chamber, and then suddenly clapped his hands.


Alarmed the bird flew straight through the window, to freedom.


“To him that sound must have been something of a shock, even an affront, do you not agree?” said Bahadin.

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