On a Happy Note: Thoughts on Bridges and The Joy of Friendship

clare_bridgeIts amazing sometimes when you take a look back and the people who have come into your life at the right time and place and have been so instrumental in their own way of helping you realize some great truth or help you to see some great scene of life.

We are all part of some living mosaic. As Nietzsche says:

What is great in man is that he is a bridge, and not a goal – Nietzsche.

Isnt it incredible how we can be a bridge for someone to see the face of God and yet not see it ourselves. I am so happy for my friends and people in my life keeping that bridge open because I myself have cant see past my nose.

Here is an excerpt from The Drowned Book:

The Pivot

The Pivot of Delight and praise is friendship. Consider how when you are working in a garden or in an orchard, or singing a song, or just sitting beside swift running water, how each of these improves immensely if you are with a friend. In companionship pain begins to heal, and joy intensifies.

Two enemies or two strangers will not recognize each other when they move into spirit. From this point on in your life, resolve to find more friends. God is pleased when you are together with friends sharing something, anything.

One person meets someone and sees a lover. Another meets the same and turns away. These differences in attraction do not come from your bodies or from your culture. They live innate with creation as secret inclinations. One person loves horses much more than pigs, but pigs have their admirers too. Pigs have lovers.

7 responses to “On a Happy Note: Thoughts on Bridges and The Joy of Friendship

  1. This is for you piggles!!! *ahhem* :::::singing:::: (((( youuu jus caaalllll …out my naaaaaame. and youuuu knooww, wherever i am. i ll come runninn runninn YEAH YEAHH.. you got a friend, yeah babayy, you got a FRIEND)))) <3 -LOVE MAS!

  2. great post! reminds one of the simple beauties in life such as friendship *warm smile* thank you for writing this post piggles!

    • Well said Elita! I think that is one of the most beautiful thoughts one can entertain while walking the Path. Its always nice to see your comments here :-) I hope all is going well with you and yours


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