Book Review 1: Master of the Jinn By Irving Karchmar

Hello Friends,

irvingI have read and re-read a slew of books over the last few weeks and there are many I would like to recommend. I would like to start with Master of the Jinn – A Sufi Novel, By Irving Karchmar.  Irving has a very awesome blog I have put a link to in my blogroll, I will put it here again:

 Irving is a darvish of the Nimatullahi order and I had the fortune of meeting him less than 24 hours after I finished reading the book. I dont believe in coincidences. He is and has been a great friend and guide for me especially in the months before I became a darvish myself through his kind words and actions.

There is an interview where Irving talks about the book and how he persevered through the difficult task of writing a book and getting it accepted it for publication over the course of five years. Here is the link: .I can only imagine how difficult it must have been especially post 9/11 here to get this book accepted.

In Irving’s own words here is a brief plot summary of the book.

It is a mystical adventure tale on the Sufi path of Love, wherein a modern-day Sufi Master sends seven companions on a quest for the greatest treasure of the ancient world – King Solomon’s ring. The legendary seal ring is said to control the Jinn, those terrifying demons of living fire, and in seeking it the companions discover not only the truth of the Jinn, but also the path of Love and the infinite mercy of God.

What I loved about the book is that it weaves together factual information, great mystical insight and a general good story, a lot of traditions from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a lot of great and thought provoking quotes from sufi masters past and present.

What makes the book great and a captivating read is that it is an inspired work. You can feel the inspiration in the words, descriptive images and the general tone and ambiance of the work.  This is Irving’s own word describing the process by which he wrote this wonderful book.

Sometimes I would wait for six months between inspirations, until I read enough or learned enough, or something happened in my life and meditation that led me to the next sentence. It was a process of learning and becoming, of growing with the book.

This book is available from:



and in e-form by Mobipocket:

They make great gifts for the holiday season. Check out the book’s page

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.



3 responses to “Book Review 1: Master of the Jinn By Irving Karchmar

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  2. sounds like a great read piggy. I shall add it to my ever growing reading list.:) thanks for this blog, its choc full of gems , and what I like most about your review was that you gave a sincere and insightful review without giving to much of the story. You also highlighted things that I shall pay close attention to as I read such as the mixing of christianity, islam, and judaism, along with the mixing of the mystical with the fictional, i think you said. Very pleasant review.

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